The Ken Dugan Award*


Ken Dugan
Lipscomb University Outfielder
Single season:
batting average record
.456 (1956)
slugging percentage record
.823 (1956)

3-time Lipscomb MVP

Lipscomb University Baseball Coach 1960-1997
1137 career wins
2 national championships
(1977, 1979)

Lipscomb University Athletic Director 1968-1997

Pan American Games Coach
World Games Coach
Author of four award-winning baseball books

Member of 5 coaching
halls of fame

"Awarded to the
Lipscomb baseball player 

who most displays a love, passion and respect  for the game of baseball,

who best demonstrates
the burning desire and the work ethic
to continuously improve as a player
and become a true champion,

who displays good character
  in victory and in defeat,  and
has a deep respect for God
his family and his teammates."

"There is no substitute for a flaming desire
to be champion.
Some are not willing
to pay the price
to be a champion,
and this attitude
is the difference
between being good or great,
fair or outstanding"

-Coach Ken Dugan

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*The award is named in honor of hall-of-fame Lipscomb baseball coach Ken Dugan.
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